Whether we are exploring places of interest, supporting our youth, showcasing local talents or just 'limin' you are bound to enjoy the time you have spent with us.

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Our biannual Sports Tour to Barbados went as planned starting from 16th July until 13th August 2018. There were 3 groups travelling  for 4wks, 3wks and finally 2wks.  This was our fourth tour to Barbados, the others being 2012, 2014 and 2016 where we made several links, contacts and friends with community and cultural organisations.


The Tour included two  cricket matches, two domino matches and a football tournament for the youth. Our parties toured the Island taking in the beauty of the Island and sampling the rich culture and heritage that the Island has to offer.


The touring parties, as the three previous ones, were made up of people from various nationalities, ages and cultural backgrounds.  We thank all those who supported the tour and those that attended and made it a tour to remember. We look forward to seeing you all on the next tour in July 2020.....

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