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The Association was founded in January 1998 and was set up to promote a range of social, charitable, educational, and cultural activities with the aim of bringing together the extended family and friends.

One of the main aims of the Association is to embrace the views, attitudes and aspiration of second generation Barbadians living in Birmingham. It also has a specific brief to take into account the interests and general development of their children, by creating a platform where their voices could be heard.

We firmly believe that 2nd Generation of Barbadians and Friends Association fully encapsulates the richness and diversity of our existing community without weakening our aims and objectives. It is this wider community spirit that has given us the new impetus to pursue our goals – as well as interacting with other local groups.

We are affiliated to the National Council of Barbadian Associations (NCBA) UK.


Aaron Mapp


Vice Chair

Angela King


Tony Sealey OBE

Assistant Secretary

Public Relations Officer

Alethea Codrington


Euclid Mahon

Co-opted members

Steve Elcock

Assistant Public Relations Officer

Eleanor Dixon

Assistant Treasurer

Reuben Martin


Cricket within Barbados and within our community is a sport which many are passionate about. Throughout the year we attend and host a variety of sporting events.  Through sport we  bring Barbadians and friends from all ethnicities and cultures together to enjoy and share  national sports of the UK and Caribbean at its heart.


Through cultural events we showcase local musicians, craftspersons and youth groups. We are committed to working closely and supporting our local talent. We aim to provide a platform upon which we can share Barbadian culture with the wider community and also share local culture with Barbadians both here and abroad.

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